Tyrebagger Trails

Located 15 mins drive from Aberdeen, The Tyrebagger Trails are a great place to enjoy our new found freedom when we can.

Suitable for buggys, bicycles, little adventurers, and of course mature wanderers, choose from a variety of trails, varying in length.

The Beech Tree Trail is a leisurely 3/4 mile. The Robbers Trail 1 1/2 miles. The Tappie Tower with its own fairy-tale looking viewing platform is 3 3/4 miles. Alternatively if you’re looking for more of a challenge the Four Hills Walk is the one for you.
Wildlife to look out for are a wide range of birds, deer or you might even catch a glimpse of a Red Squirrel. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Robbers Cave, said to be a hideout for 17th century outlaws!

House of Elrick Gin

About 15 mins away is the home to House of Elrick Gin, an artisan Scottish Gin, the only spirit to be made with the freshest water from Loch Ness. A refreshing must after all that fresh air and adventure.

Have a look at the unique Gincyclopedia for more details on this unique House of Elrick Gin and who knows you might be Ginspired to plan your next adventure or two, explore parts of Scotland you may never have seen, and experience hidden gems that are right on your door step.

map of Tyrebagger Forest

Whatever trail you you decide is the one for you, stretch your legs in the majestic woodland setting, and soak up the fresh air of the towering forest above. The only hard decision will be is what adventure you are going to go on next.