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Scottish Island Gin Holiday
A stunning ten night Scottish islands gin holiday itinerary around some of Scotland’s less visited islands, including seven fabulous local gins!

This Scottish islands gin holiday showcases some of Scotland’s less visited locations. These islands have a powerful charm to instantly possess their visitors.  Like a fickle reality-show contestant, some give you their stormy side for days at a time, but when their sun comes out, their beauty is dazzling. You fall deeply in love, and you know it’s gonna last a lifetime!

There are 700 or so to choose from, but just 89 with people thrown in.  The remainder have other amazing residents though.  Some permanent, some just passing through.  These islands were formed from ancient rocks, in places over a billion years old, others from volcanoes. Explore high mountain contours and low-lying sandy grasslands, there really is somewhere for everyone.  Through history they’ve been woo’ed by Celts and Vikings, echoed in the place names and the surviving castles. Much evidence of some turbulent past relationships.

These days a more sociable culture has arrived on these gorgeous shores: The Gin Makers.  And so, while you don’t need any better reasons to introduce yourself than the islands themselves, you now have the spirit to turn your day dreams into reality, and start seriously loving these islands!

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