Covid 19 Image
Visitor Charter

Now the lockdown’s finally lifting, and we can all come and go
We’d love to have you visit, but there’s stuff you need to know
The virus bug is still around, it’s not yet gone away
So, we’ll look out for each other’s health and keep the bugs at bay

Make sure you wash hands really well, using plenty bubbles
Don’t skip this step – it’ll kill the bug so it’s worth a bit of trouble
Stay well apart from anyone who’s not from your family hame
Wear masks on buses, trains & trams, & remind others to do the same

When you’re shopping for your messages keep your distance in the queue
Follow the one-way system, remember it’s designed to safeguard you
Try to be patient, kind and tolerant, everyone has different ways
Keeping calm and smiling makes such a difference to their days

Spend time outdoors in the fresh air, we’ve plenty of that to go around
But take your litter home with you, leave just footprints, that’d be sound
Wipe door handles, knobs and switches, literally everything you might touch
Use an anti-bacterial cleaner – for the bugs it’s just too much

We’ll get on top of the virus yet, just you wait and see
But until that day we have to say ‘if you’re visiting can you be…
…just a bit more careful, more aware, we’re all a bit scared of this thing
‘Cos no-one really wants to make hand sanitiser instead of fine Scottish Gin!’