#GinADayMay celebrates Gin everyday in May. Ginspired Scotland has a daily shot of Vitamin G for you, imparting a feeling of enormous well being. ‘Vitamin Ginspired’ is guaranteed to supply the supplements of inspiration, the feel good factor, and all the essential elements you need in your life.

Read on to see how to live the best version of you! With your daily dose of Ginspiration.

Week one #GinADayMay

This week we see a mix of beautiful bottles, beautiful places and beautiful islands, so make sure to stock up on your Vitamin B’eautiful this week. See our helpful weekly planner below👇

Sun 1st May ’22


Ellis Gin based in Glasgow has the perfect ‘Selfie’ Ginspiration. Colourful cocktails, Shimmering sensations and perfect for a picnic! Check them out! Feel free to share your selfie on our socials we would love to see them!!

Mon 2nd May ’22


What is the single most unwelcome garnish your gin has ever known? Click below and let us help you with your fears and frustrations of contaminated Scottish Gin!

Tues 3rd May ’22


Use our unique interactive Gincyclopedia to book every aspect of your Scottish adventure for FREE

Wed 4th May ’22


Scottish Mountain with a Travel Kindly Icon at the top of it.

Want to find your way to kinder, more sustainable holidays in Scotland? With Travel Kindly we are signposting the most environmentally sound ways to enjoy Scottish Gin as part of your next day trip, short break, or full scale holiday, in the world’s most beautiful country. Now you can’t get ‘greener’ than that!

Thur 5th May ’22


Well known as ‘Scotland in Miniature’ and for its array of wonderful food and drinks, Arran is a very popular destination, especially now there is Arran Gin!

Fri 6th May ’22


North Uist Distillery’s beautiful new bottle design for their award winning Downpour Gin is just stunning. A definite to stand out on your Gin shelf.

Sat 7th May ’22


A family run hotel The Dowans is in the heart of Speyside overlooking the village of Aberlour. Whether you’re staying, dining, checking out their 500 strong unique whisky collection, or extensive Scottish Gin collection, this boutique hotel always offers a warm welcome.⁠

Week Two #GinADayMay

Week two on our quest to indulge in Vitamin G sees us ‘experiencing’ Scotland, encouraging the feel good factor of supporting local, and get ready to don your best Sean Connery accent!

Sun 8th May ’22


Scotland’s Illusion is sometimes that we all wear tartan or play bagpipes while chasing haggis through the heather. But oh we have so, so much more to offer (unless you really want to chase haggis through the heather😉)

Mon 9th May ’22


We want to spotlight the ‘Reality’ of why we really need a holiday. Check out our ‘Scientific facts’ about the real reason behind a holiday.

Tues 10th May ’22


Encouraging visitors to support local when staying in Scotland is important to Ginspired Scotland. So check out our guide to unveiling the savoury delights Scotland has to offer.

Wed 11th May ’22


Don your best Sean Connery accent and ‘Share your best Gin Shelfies with ush’ Shout about your amazing Scottish Gin collection.

Thur 12th May ’22


Why not experience Scotland and it’s Gin Schools. Check out our guide to Gin School experiences and book yourself a great day out.

Fri 13th May ’22


World Cocktail Day!! Check out our showcase on The Gin Thistle in Auchterarder! When you visit remember the cocktail tree is a must!!

Sat 14th May ’22


The winner of the Ginspired Scotland Travel Kindly Award 2022 was The North Point Distillery, based in Forss, Caithness. With sustainability at the heart of everything they do, they were well deserved winners.

Week Three #GinADayMay

Week three already!! Take our ready to drink quiz to see if you are truly Ginvincible! Learn some Scottish local dialect, they say learning a language is good for the mind, and share with us your classic combo for your ideal G&T. Definitely good for the soul!

Sun 15th May ’22

‘Ready to Drink’

Check out our Gin quiz that could drive you to drink! Take the quiz and see if your score ranks you Ginvincible or all out of Ginspiration.

Mon 16th May ’22


There is some ‘eggcellent’ merch around these days, but what about some Gin merch? Click the link below to have a look at Craft 56 gift sets, fruits for drinks, glassware and lots more.

Tues 17th May ’22


The only limit is your imagination when you come to Scotland! A plethora of experiences to be had and everyone, like a rainbow, is very different.

Wed 18th May ’22


If you don’t know the difference between being ‘braw’ or being ‘blootered’, never been asked to ‘haud yer wheesht’ or to ‘gie it laldie’, read on for Ginspired Scotland’s guide to some of the essentials.

Thur 19th May ’22


If you have never experienced the red sunsets across Scotland, you really must add it to your ‘to do’ list. Made even more special by sipping on some Scottish Gin. Check out Redcastle Gin and Red Door Gin so that you can co-ordinate with the sky!

Fri 20th May ’22


We hear a lot about Gin cocktails, flavoured gins, even colour changing gins, and we love them all, but what about the Classic G&T? Which is your favourite?

Sat 21st May ’22

‘Cheating On Gin’

Cheating on Scottish Gin is allowed occasionally in our eyes! So if your feeling a bit naughty why not try out Lost Loch Spirits ‘The Murmichan’, meaning ‘Wicked Scots Fairy’ so what better way to cheat than with this Scottish Absinthe

Week four and our last (but certainly not final) chance to fill you with Vitamin G, give you wellbeing ideas so you go off feeling like a million dollars!

Week Four #GinADayMay

Sun 22nd May ’22


Traditionally used to prevent horrible diseases, but these days maybe vitamin sea is the best remedy for the blues?

Mon 23rd May ’22


We all know we value our favourite gins partly because of where they come from, packaged beautifully with landscape hug! But which is your favourite?

Here are some suggestions Isle of Barra Distilliers, Isle of Tiree Distillery, Isle of Harris Distillery, Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin, Shetland Reel, Isle of Raasay Distillery, Isle of Skye Distillers, Isle of Islay Gin, Lussa Gin.

Tues 24th May ’22


Hand crafted and sealed with a ‘kiss’ Isle of Barra Rhubarb & Heather Gin Liqueur is filled with Island flavour & notes of the coast. Sealed with the famous Kisimul Castle logo this is definitely one to have in your collection.

Wed 25th May ’22


Scottish Gin Distilleries are in their prime and we encourage visitors to visit as many as possible (Not all in one day – obviously) But do you know how many Scottish Gin producers there are?

Thur 26th May ’22


Whether you are after easy going, family friendly trails, a bike-packing adventure, an adrenaline fuelled off-road mountain bike day in the hills or a tour in our cycle-friendly cities. Come rain or shine Scotland has some truly Ginspired day trips for cycling.

Fri 27th May ’22


Using Ginspired Scotland’s website, plan your holiday – the perfect recipe for success

Sat 28th May ’22


You may be too young to reminisce about the 80’s Martini TV ad, but for us at Ginspired their catchy phrase really does apply to Scottish Gin! Whether its a boozy morning brunch or a bedtime nightcap. Maybe a wee dram at the top of a Munro or even under canvas in one of Scotland’s National Parks. There is no stopping you!

29th May ’22


Avva Scottish is based in the North East Scotland, Moray. This exceptionally smooth Award winning Navy Strength Gin is a great choice for a lazy Sunny Sunday afternoon. (Equally good if it’s pouring down too!)

Mon 30th May ’22

‘Lo & No’

Arbikie Distillery, on the North east coast of Scotland is a truly sustainable, field-to-bottle distillery built around real craft, real ingredients and real people. Now offering authentic experiences, guided by people who are passionate about their field-to-bottle ethos. Also producers of Nàdar – the world’s first climate positive gin made from a pea-based spirit. 

Tues 31st May ’22


What better way to celebrate than to reflect on the GinADayMay and raise a glass to all the fantastic Scottish Gins, Experiences we are lucky enough to have in Scotland. And with the Jubilee celebrations just around don’t forget to order a bottle of your new favourite to toast Her Majesty🍸