Or Ginspired Scotland’s contribution to National Poetry Day

Mars Bars
The Raw Ingredient

We’ve Castles and Cabers and Coos by the score

We’ve Whiskies, great Gins even wine and there’s more

We’ve mountains and rivers, heathered hills, sandy shores

Fine food, fresh clean air and our water’s so pure


We’ve world leading skills in all the right places

We’ve technical excellence and cover all bases

We’ve creatives, clear voices and beautiful faces

And a rich mix of people from all different races


Our cities are photographed, painted and longed for

Our crags and our glens people even write songs for

New lands caused new places to carry names yearned for

Our clans and our language, even tartan, was fought for


So why is it, when other folk talk of ‘the Scot’

It’s not beautiful landscapes that claim the prime spot

But deep-fried Mars Bars, of which I’ve seen not a jot

(Or purse strings permanently tied in a knot)


Since lock down’s embrace foiled the supply of warm hugs

Since the rainbow covered everything from jumpers to mugs

Since ‘Be Kind’ was heard clearly by everyone’s lugs

Can’t we lose the old way, because to me, oh it bugs?


So next time you see us portrayed with unkindness

Stand up, say your piece, don’t give in to this blindness

Retort, send them hame and I reckon you’ll find yes….

That our nation of Scotland will be shown as the finest.


Over and out Gin Lovers

Happy National Poetry Day!