Edinburgh Gin Head Distiller, David Wilkinson

Founded in 2010, Edinburgh Gin has created an innovative family of award winning Gins. Based in Edinburgh, a city with a prestigious history of producing, importing and exporting gin, one that dates back to the first gin ‘craze’ of the 1700s.

Edinburgh Gin is produced at their West End, and Leith Distilleries, where ‘a gin for every occasion’ is distilled by custom-made copper stills Flora and Caledonia.

The 5 star distillery tours offers the opportunity to get a behind the scenes experience to how the gin is made and learn about the history behind the brand.

What’s your favourite comment from someone tasting your gin for the first time?

Something along the lines of “best gin ever” is always great. But more specifically I like it when people find the gin original and say something like “I’ve never tasted a gin quite like this before”

What are you most passionate about professionally?

Quality and originality. Trying to make the best possible gin but with innovative ideas to make it unique.

      What’s the worst advice you’ve been given?

Go to Law School.

      If you had a robot to do one part of the gin process, which part would it be?

Either cleaning out the stills or doing the paperwork.

    What makes you smile most days?

Seeing the first drops of gin run off the still.

    What does success mean for you?

Being able to reflect on my work and honestly say I did the best job I possibly could. Winning awards is fantastic, but if you’re genuinely happy with the work you’ve done they shouldn’t define you.

    Who would you swap lives with for a day?

Really no idea on this one!

    What subject was your favourite at school?


What’s your favourite botanical?

So many contenders here! I would say Tasmanian mountain pepper is the most interesting botanical I’ve worked with, it has such a unique flavour and aroma profile.

     How long can you go without checking your phone?

Usually about 15 minutes. So sometimes I turn it off and leave it in my bag so I can have a few hours away.

   Who’s your drinks industry hero?

There are many people in the industry I respect but I don’t really do ‘heroes’.

    What can you not live without?

Exercise, something that has really hit home during the isolation.

    What would you like to do but are too scared?

First thing that popped into my head was bungee jumping!

   What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

People tend to avoid complimenting me. I’m already full of myself as it is!

   If you had limitless funds, where would you holiday?

I’m not sure because I get the most satisfaction from holidaying on a budget. I love the simple things. My favourite city is Budapest so I’d probably go there but try all the most expensive Hungarian wines.

With a range of liqueurs, as well as the core range comprising of the Classic Edinburgh Gin, Cannonball Navy Strength Gin and the east coast inspired Seaside Gin, make sure you have a look on the Gincyclopedia for details on how to buy.

You can also see what else there is to do in Edinburgh whilst you are there by visiting our unique Gincyclopedia. We have everything you need to plan the most amazing Ginspired trip around Scotland.

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