Traditionally celebrated with stacked high bonfires burning long into the night and skies full of colourful fireworks. The bangs, popping and whizzing echoed with the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ from the crowd watching on.  However, things are changing and as we are in the middle of COP26 this got Ginspired thinking about the environmental effects of the traditional celebrations, and what we could suggest as Bonfire Night Alternatives.

We are not saying don’t celebrate at an organised fireworks display, but maybe think about the effects on the environment.   Read on for some hints and tips that you could do instead. Maybe start new traditions within your own family, as well as looking after the planet.  Win, Win.

Make a Guy with the Family

Make your own mini Guy Fawkes scarecrow by stuffing old tights with newspaper and dressing it in shabby clothes and straw. Keeping the tradition of Bonfire Night alive…without the noise!

Biodegradable Confetti Canons

Why not try ‘petal canons’ or even ‘wild flower seed cannons’, to create a bang. Not only are you helping look after the environment, but you are creating wildlife habitats for years to come. These are widely available online.

Eco friendly Sparklers

I think everyone has memories of swirling sparklers and watching them shine in the cold dark night.  Keep that tradition alive with Eco wooden Sparklers.  Made of wood, the stick just burns away as it is being used and all the ash drops to the floor, all you are left with is a wooden handle, which can be recycled.

Bake Bonfire Cupcakes

Bad Girl Bakery
Loch Ness Gin and Tonic Cupcakes 

Treat your family and friends with some Bonfire Cupcakes.  Get all the family involved. 

Or for an adults only party why not make Gin & Tonic cupcakes to start the party off with a bang. Enrol the help of the Bad Girl Bakery who make these amazing Loch Ness Gin and Tonic Cupcakes.

Gin Infused Hot Chocolate

Image ©Pentland Hills Gin

Pair your bonfire bakes with a Pentland Hills Gin infused Hot Chocolate. Check out ‘Panzas winter warmer’ a rich, dark chocolate overload. You’re welcome!

The gorgoeus Panza is also proud to introduce their brand new FIREWORK GIN! It is is offered in a 50cl bottle at 45% abv. AND it’s available to be refilled once the last drop is done. CLICK HERE TO BUY

Image ©Pentland Hills Gin

Fireworks Cocktail

A fiery cocktail and a must for bonfire night is McQueen’s Chilli Negroni. Made with McQueen 5 Chilli Gin. A harmonious blend of five of the hottest chillies on the planet; Ghost, Carolina Reaper, Guajillo, Scorpion and Orange Habanero, creating a heat like no other gin.  Are you brave enough to taste the burn and do it anyway?

Click here to see the recipe.

Image ©McQueen Gin

Lots of Ginspired ideas and bonfire night alternatives of how to keep the celebrations alive without hurting the environment.  After all it is about the little steps. For more information on our Travel Kindly COP26 Campaign Click here.

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